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KELLY DIRECT is entrepreneurial in nature - not a standard broker. Based on 30 years experience in the fulfillment industry, we focus on bottom-line savings and top-notch service to you and your customers.  Here are some of the benefits we offer.  



Savings on services - Based on insider knowledge of industry pricing and firm negotiation, warehouse services are typically 10%-12% off retail rates.
Savings on shipping - We utilize high volume discounts of assorted warehouses and pass those savings on to you. Depending on service, these rates may be up to 60% off published shipping rates.
Savings on materials - Based on high usage, boxes, envelopes and other packaging materials are can often be 30%-40% off published rates.

SAVINGS EXAMPLE: 3,000 unit project:
Fulfillment Services: $1.50/unit less 10% discount = Savings of $.15/unit
Shipping: $4.00 less 30% discount = Savings of $1.20/unit
Materials: $1.25 less 20% discount = Savings of $.25/unit

TOTAL SAVINGS: $1.60 / UNIT X 3,000 = $4,800


SERVICE: It is a point of pride at KELLY DIRECT to provide extraordinary customer service. Most bids are delivered same or next day. We are "hands on" and work to anticipate your client needs and keep you up-to-the-minute on the status of the project. A status report is in your "in box" every day when you arrive at the office.  Your company will have the benefit of a 25+ year fulfillment veteran personally guiding and educating your sales reps and clients.


SYSTEMS: KELLY DIRECT can integrate with any of over 30 shopping cart systems and all major shippers. EDI, API, and routing guide capabilities are available for simpler data transmission needs. You and your client have real-time, 24/7 on-line access to shipment and inventory status. A tracking report is provided for each shipment. Hundreds of other standard reports are available.


SELECTION : We offer your company access to and support for product pack-out and fulfillment programs throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. You will have access to 14.5 million square feet of warehouse space with facilities specifically fitted to YOUR project needs. Fulfillment will be accomplished in the facilities that make the most sense based on services, location and cost.


SCRUTINY: Based on relationships formed from 25 years industry experience, our vendors are highly vetted, tried-and-true fulfillment companies with decades of experience and sterling reputations. Kelly Direct has worked with or competed against these companies for years so we know their capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and pricing. Before we engage a vendor on your behalf, we re-evaluate their current capabilities through a 28-point assessment of their ability to deliver on YOUR project.


SENSIBILITY: Project planning and execution is proactive, pragmatic, bottom-line driven and always customized to fit YOUR needs. Vendor overhead, locations(s)and services are matched to the real requirements of the job. For example, there is no need to use a 250K square foot facility when five guys on a loading dock will do. Similarly, there is no need for a sophisticated data integration when an Excel spreadsheet works just fine. We treat your clients' money as if it were ours and recommend and structure executions to eliminate waste and bloated budgets.