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Management and Consulting




Kelly Direct has managed thousands of fulfillment programs for promotional product distributors, marketing agencies and Fortune 500 brands. 

President Kelly Bennett brings 30 years of experience to the table to place your project in the proper location, negotiate rates, obtain insider discounts and keep your project front and center for all vendors from start-to-finish. 

Kelly and her team anticipate challenges, avoid common pit-falls and provide solutions (not problems).  Customer will have access to contacts, resources and alternative solutions that, frankly, others do not have. 

Reporting and visibility are essential componenst to proper program management.   Clients receive photos upon receipt and automated tracking with each order, giving them the ability to track ship status, inventory levels and data online 365/24/7.  

The bottom line is Kelly Direct expects -- and provide -- exceptional customer service and manages programs with an iron fist. 


For development of the merchandise supply chain from the ground up, Kelly Direct offer consulting services which may be stand-alone or part of a more inclusive service agreement: 

  • RFP Development – Based on business model and objectives, develop comprehensive RFP to publish to prospective vendors.  RFP to include factors relevant to the program including, but not limited to systems, reporting, merchandise, materials, collateral, receiving, storage, order processing, assembly, shipping, reverse logistics, customer service and account management fees and SLAs.
  • Supplier Discovery – Research and identify best-suited domestic or international partners and publish RFP for supplier response.  Manage RFP process and submissions.  Review responses and pricing to ensure direct rate comparisons.  Report conclusions to management team, making recommendation for top two or three leading candidates.
  • Supplier Qualification/Negotiation.  For any/all candidates, perform on-site and in-depth confirmation and review of facilities, capabilities, account management team and clients. Re-visit RFP pricing and negotiate volume-based services and materials rates.  Establish understanding and rapport at C-level to ensure the highest level of management support and account service representation.
  • Integration. Identify and interview all stakeholders.  Develop and execute integration timelines to accomplish operations spin-up.  Scope to include receiving and inspection procedures, rack plan, packaging supplies, shipper integration, count/move/destroy existing merchandise, and notify suppliers of future product delivery instructions.  Integration will include training and reference manuals for you and your staff, vendors and clients.

On-Site Project Management

Some projects require the bulk distribution of products to special event or sporting venues and, once received, staff or volunteers need to be trained and supervised on site to ensure rapid and accurate distribution of products to volunteers and supporters. 

The firm is particularly adept at organizing products at an event site and reducing any unnecessary hand movements to reduce labor rates and enhance the overall consumer shopping experience.  Each hand movement is optimized to reduce the number of seconds required to perform the task at hand and any “atypical” situations (like trying on a t-shirt) are diverted from the primary production flow.  

When several venues need to be serviced, Kelly Direct will coordinate delivery and pick-up of merchandise to and from multiple event sites.  At the end of the distribution day, unused items are inventoried, kept on hand for the next day, returned to the warehouse or sent to another venue for fulfillment.  Real-time inventory tracking is maintained throughout this process.