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Warehousing and Logistics



With pre-negotiated pricing, we work with 10-12 proven warehouses that have been rigorously pre-screened.  We have 11.5 million square feet of warehouse space throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe.   

Based on over 25 years experience, we select the warehousing solution(s) based upon project suitability, proximity to inbound port and distribution points, IT sophistication, storage capacity, labor pool and more.  Our goal is to offer you and your customer extraordinary service at the lowest wholesale rates in the facility that makes the most sense.   

We know our warehouse partners.  Really well.   As founder of a multi-million dollar fulfillment firm, Kelly Bennett has worked with, competed against or had dinner with these companies for decades.  Kelly has a direct President-to-President relationship with every firm to ensure your project is always front and center.  .     

Logistics and Shipping 

In many cases, shipping is the biggest cost in fulfillment. 

Due to shipment volume, our warehouses have discounts with UPS and FedEx.  Some of our larger warehouses have negotiated 60%-70% off retail rates. They may also have integrated UPS and Fed Ex shipper systems on-site with one or two scheduled pickups per business day.

We also manage freight from to the point of manufacture to the port, the port drayage to the warehouse and, of course, to the ultimate destination(s).  We can pick up from and ship to any destination in the world.