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Frequently Asked Questions | Fulfillment Services| Warehousing


Who is Kelly Bennett?

Kelly Lynn Bennett is the President and COO of Kelly Direct, Inc. Kelly Direct is an internationally recognized fulfillment services and logistics firm specializing in C-level management of 10 merchandise supply chain disciplines. We provide expert management of supply chain solutions from product manufactuirng to reverse logistics.  We pride ourselves on integrity, efficiency, performance and succinct communication.  Kelly is an entrepreneur, not a salesperson....looking out for your bottom line by making every nickel count.

Kelly launched her first company, Bennett Business Services, at the age of 22.  Over the next 25 years, the company expanded 11 times eventually occupying a 239,000 square feet facility and 180 employees. 

Where are you located?

Kelly Direct is headquartered in Hollywood Beach, California, a beach-side community in the city of Oxnard in Ventura County. Conveniently located near the Port of Hueneme, we are 20 miles south of Santa Barbara and 20 miles north of Malibu.  Our warehouse space, however, is located throughout the country in 10 of the top 10 US markets, Mexico, Canada and 14 European countries.  We represent over 16.5 million square feet of space in these facilities.  Our facilities range in size from 10K square feet to over 1 million square feet.    


What is "fulfillment"?

Simply put, "fulfillment" is the process of sending things out. It could be the distribution of physical product (merchandise, promotional items, brochures) or electronic (e-collateral, etc.) You will also hear "fulfillment" referred to in other terms like "mailing house", "assembly" and "direct mail services." There is a big difference between "mailing houses" and "fulfillment" experts, however. Read on.

What do the terms "3PL" and "4PL" mean?

A "3PL" refers to a 3rd Party Logistics provider and a "4PL" refers to a 4th Party Logistics provider.

A 3PL handles all your fulfillment needs once the product hits the port, including reverse logistics (aka "returns"). 3PLs should be adept at EDI integration (if your program involves major retailers).

A 4PL expert provides the services in 3PL (above) but also consultation and vendor suggestions for the original sourcing of your product(s) through its destruction. Kelly Direct is a true 4PL provider. Click for more information on Product Sourcing, Free Trade Zone space, B-C Fulfillment, B-B Fulfillment and more.

Neither 3PL nor 4PL providers, know what a 1PL or 2PL is.

What does an outside fulfillment company do for me?

Hopefully, save you money and make your job easier. You use a 4PL because of their expertise at absolute production efficiency, their ability to staff up/down effortlessly during peak seasons, real-time reporting, excellent shipping rates (the #1 cost in fulfillment), rock bottom material costs (due to the volume of standard shipping materials they order for other customers) and much lower storage costs than you probably have access to. Also, larger firms with multiple locations (US West Coast, US Central, US East Coast, Canadian and/or international) will get the product there faster and at less cost. Contact Kelly Direct at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for valuable fulfillment information right now.

Do I really need an outside fulfillment company?

Not necessarily. If you are a start-up company with low volume (less than 20 shipments per day), you may be better off doing your own order fulfillment internally. However, please do your research. Find out more in our paper on "DIY Fulfillment."

We already work with a fulfillment company, but we think we can do better.  Will you consult on how to lower our costs and optimize our turnaround time with our current vendor?

Changing your fulfillment partner is indeed a very big deal. And potentially very expensive. Yes, Kelly Direct is available to review your existing shipping costs, materials costs, fulfillment pricing and SLAs ("Service Level Agreements"). We will tell you what looks high and what we think you're getting a fair deal on. We may recommend you tweak your existing fulfillment operations a little, renegotiate contract terms and/or change your fulfillment partner entirely. Call Kelly Direct today for an assessment.

We ship materials to different retailers each with their own rules for receiving material. How do you insure compliance?

All major retailers publish "routing guides" which dictate the manner in which any shipment is received at the retailer, whether promotional materials or product. The routing guides are painfully specific and sometimes complex - some retailers even have different routing requirements for individual stores within the chain. Hands-on management of routing guides is the key to avoiding significant charge backs.

We are an agency. Can you help us put together estimates for fulfillment, but we don't always have complete information about the project.

Yes. Of course, the more detail you provide, the better our estimate. However, with 30 yearsexperience, we will come very close on actual assembly and production costs. For projects where details are sketchy, we recommend adding a 15%-25% mark-up for unknown production costs or an hourly assembly rate ($36/hour is typical) to cover unanticipated production man hours. Call Kelly Direct today for an assessment.


What is your minimum size program to handle project fulfillment?

It depends on whether you are talking about a one-off assembly program or ongoing product fulfillment.

For individual assembly projects, we focus on large kitting and assembly jobs involving anywhere from 1K to 250K units/day. 

For ongoing on-line based order fulfillment, we suggest shipping volume be at least into the 20-30 units/day range before the costs associated with an ongoing real-time order entry system and dedicated warehouse team are justified.

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