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    Kelly Direct assembles, warehouses and ships merchandise and promotional products all over the world.  We have managed thousands of fulfillment projects and shipped millions of items...   More>>
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    Kelly Direct manages dozens of highly-vetted fulfillment and freight companies in the US with millions of square feet of warehouse space and excellent resources in Mexico, Canada and Europe..... More>>
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    Kelly Direct's volume discounts on shipping, packaging and other materials dramatically cut costs... More>>
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Kelly Direct Inc. executes assembly and fulfillment programs for promotions and marketing campaigns.  They offer over 25+ years experience, pragmatic solutions and vetted vendors to get your merchandise assembled, out the door and to its ultimate extremely low cost.     

Kelly Direct works with highly-vetted and hand-selected veteran fulfillment centers across the US providing access to 11.5+ million square feet of warehouse space. Based on a variety of criteria, the firm selects the facility best suited to the project, negotiates wholesale rates and firmly manages all aspects of the program.  Kelly Direct ships to any US address within 2 days, provides per unit order tracking and integrates directly with over 30 order management systems.  

Warehouse and shipper selection is based upon several factors including project suitability, proximity to the port, proximity to ship destination(s), IT sophistication, storage capability, ability to rapidly expand labor, and more.  Intense scrutiny is applied to shipping and materials rates at these companies as these areas have the highest potential for client profit.  Kelly Direct goal is to offer their clients -- and their clients' clients -- extraordinary service at the lowest wholesale rates in the business.   

Kelly Direct represents over 11.5 million square feet of warehouse space in the domestic US, Mexico, Canada and 14 European countries.  They have the capacity to assemble up to 250K units/day.... Read More

Assembly and Kitting


Kelly Direct provides scalable pick and pack assembly services to create kitted merchandise and packages for promotional distribution.     

Whether you need assembly of 1K or 500K units, Kelly Direct expertly manages the program to maximize efficiency, cost and consumer appeal.  Our kitting process insures the assembly and packaging of your products is maximized to achieve the lowest labor and packaging costs.  Our warehousing or order fulfillment services can be employed to hold and distribute your materials in bulk or on a per-order basis.

  • Recent projects include:
  • 37K promotional glassware to 1,800 big box retail stores
  • 45K t-shirts kitted with a poster for a major technology firm
  • 50K "free" candy bars to consumers for the re-launch of a chocolate product
  • 220K weight loss samples to a nutritional products retailer
  • POP displays and promotional items for an in-store Super Bowl promotion
  • 30K door hangers to residents for a California-based real estate firm
  • 10K Kids Club bags to a leading hotel chain
  • 350 assembled back packs to a German distributor 
  • 1 million CDs for a major ISP

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